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The DI BLASI electric mobility scooter mod R30, a foldable scooter, is engineered to be the most viable and revolutionary device for elderly or anyone who is dealing with mobility difficulties. It is an exceptional mode of transport created to aid those who yearn to cover average distances whilst maintaining one’s autonomy.  This implement is the first and only electric scooter in the market that folds and unfolds automatically just by a pressing a button.

Walkers and canes are considered appropriate for some when covering short distances, but these would still easily wear them out. So why waste precious energy when you can save it for much more enjoyable activities? Why walk if you can take a ride? This mobility aid does not only cover short distances but medium distances as well, since it has a travel range of over 20 km! In addition to the above-mentioned features, it has a width of only about 62 cm making it easy to use in narrow spaces. And if you turn a wrong corner, don’t worry! You can easily maneuver it around because it utilizes a 58-cm turning circle and is fitted with a reverse gear.

So, whenever you feel like going to the mall to shop with your grandchildren or visiting a neighbor, just activate the switch, hop in on your cool ride and enjoy your painless stroll. Also, this scooter weighs 23.6kg without the battery making it well suited for your-out-of-the-country vacation since airlines allow this scooter to be part of your luggage. Imagine being able to travel to different places, see breathtaking sceneries, and experience different cultures without worrying your companions and being able to keep up with their pace. All of these activities are made possible with the help of this mobility scooter.

After everything that you have done for the entire day, and you are ready to get off of your ride, press a button, and the scooter will fold automatically. Being measured at approximately 62x39x48(h) cm, it doesn’t consume much space. You can store it anywhere even at the back of your car.


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